When families choose to stay in their current home, rather than move, they may choose to update the house with some renovations. The most common renovations to existing homes are the bathroom and the kitchen. These are hard use rooms involving the use of water so the cabinets and fixtures tend to look worn sooner. When remodeling either of these rooms, a dependable, knowledgeable contractor is needed for at least part of the work. Plumbing, heating, and electricity require a contractor and inspections to make sure they meet local codes for safety. Building permits are often required for major home remodeling projects.

When hard earned money is being budgeted for a bathroom remodeling project, it is important to do it right the first time. Some trends in bathrooms are here to stay and are good to incorporate, some trends are not worth the investment and will go out of style. The homeowner may need help to decide which trends will be worth using in the new bathroom. There are good ideas for bathroom renovations and good practices to use. When doing a bathroom renovation consider these ideas.

Before getting into design ideas for the new bathroom, study family finances and decide how much money is available for a bathroom renovation. Then plan the renovation within that budget and allowing money for unexpected costs. This amount should be from 10% to 15% of the total budget.

When planning the bathroom design, go for the classic look rather than something trendy or “cute”. Making the bathroom too personal can be a liability when it is time to sell the house.

Use the best fixtures and surfaces the budget will allow. Along with that, choose appropriate surfaces for bathroom use. Remember, there are water and steam on a daily basis. Surfaces should be water resistant and strong such as porcelain tile, marble, and stone. Larger tiles mean fewer grout lines and easier upkeep.

Make sure to allow for adequate ventilation in the budget. A damp bathroom can mean dangerous mold and damage to walls and other surfaces. Also, make sure the plumbing and electrical lines are done by a licensed professional and will pass code inspections. Don’t skimp on the number of outlets to plug in small appliances such as hair dryers. Don’t forget the heating and comfort needed in a bathroom.

Try to give the toilet some privacy.

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